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As the CEO of K. Israel Consulting and an INTERNATIONAL speaker, and a BUSINESS COACH, she travels around the globe to speak in business events. As of to date, she has been in 13 countries and has shared the SAME stage with the likes of Hugh Hilton, Vanilla Ice, George Ross, J.T. Foxx, and many others.

A positive mindset is her trademark statement when speaking in events and conferences. When you have a positive mindset, everything lead to better results. When you have a positive attitude and embrace positivity, good things happen.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a start-up company, her wisdom will help you transform your life and your business in so many ways.


Kati brings ambition, enthusiasm and perseverance in her sessions whether you're a small or large brokerage firm. These invaluable lessons allow agents to grow outside of their comfort zones to eventually embrace growth, change and attain profitable results.

Her fun and energetic style has been praised the all over world over for their transformative power. It's her unique style, fused with valuable business lessons, that produce astonishing results in the real estate world. She teaches agents and brokers how to take full ownership of their brand and businesses and how agents become independent to grow inside their organisation.


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Kati Israel is a global real estate authority, an international speaker, and a business coach. She is the founder and CEO K. Israel Consulting.

She is also a two-time best-selling author in Amazon with books, "How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking" and "Hire Better Listings."

"When someone sells or buys a home, it is very more important that real estate agent and broker owners are trained the way to deliver unique value and obtain desired results."

This is where she comes in -- she teaches real estate agents how to deliver actions to get results by showing them how to take ownership of their own personal brand and allowing their personal business grow.

Watch the video to find out what World`s #1 Wealth and Business Coach JT Foxx says about Kati!

Mattias Reimann

RE/MAX City Real Estate Agent

Marta Vaidla

RE/MAX Aaba Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Pickhan

Legacy Builders Global co-founder

"She is the best trainer I ever know in real estate world, with super high energy and always spreading out extremely positive flow everywhere where she is!

Kati is also very motivating person and doing the job she really like.
It is pleasure to meet her!

"Kati is very inspiring and positive person, somehow she knows how to bring the best out of others as well. Her trainings are always energising and she always bring up good examples. She is always shining and brings value to her training sessions. She is prepared and taking care about her students"

"Kati is our partner with Legacy Builders Global. We decided to partner up with her, because she is absolutely an amazing woman! She is doing a wonderful job and she can motivated and teach people. We want that our agents are the best in the world and that is why they need a coach to help them to achieve their goals!"

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